About Us

Hi! We are Wiesia, Jurek and Draka and there are also two elderly cats Pęzelek and Glizdeusz.
Dogs have been with us from the very beginning of our life together, and even earlier. Mr. Husband, who was not yet a Husband, had to try for the favor of the two of us, i.e. me and Esa – a slightly shady German Shepherd. In 1998, when Esa passed the Rainbow Bridge, the Greatest Birthday Gift appeared – the Siberian Betty Brana Hor, and a few months later the Greatest Name Day Gift – the mare Iza. When, after a dozen or so months, puppies were to appear, the nickname Horses’ Friend became natural. After Betty came the whole “husky dynasty” i.e. her daughters Watra and Whiskey. Because we were busy with “ungulates” for several years, the husky dynasty passed without issue. In the meantime, the Whiskey-loving mongrel Ciapek (a bit like a “felted” ponny) came and stayed for a few years. The last of the husky Whiskey in 2019, at the age of over 16, followed the Rainbow Bridge, and after about a year, the pony Draka from Hogwarts appeared.
We have a small home kennel, we have only one female Polish Lowland Sheepdog Ch.pl. Drake from Hogwarts. Draka, and thus her children, lives with us at home, which contributes to her very good socialization. Our dog grew up with two cats, which meant that he tolerates other pets perfectly – puppies will be brought up in the same way.
I have already explained the etiology of our kennel nickname, so a few more words about the logo of the kennel. The logo is actually a photo of our young, Anglo-Arabian Tamerlan – in 2015, the 2nd runner-up of Poland in the all-round riding competition, and the stable dog of “our” veterinarian.